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ООО Eurasia Strategix Ltd 

Eurasia Strategix Ltd is a bridge to investment opportunities in Russia and the CIS. Since the foundation in 2006 it has been connecting investors in Asia with the most promising opportunities in various industries, coming from the former Soviet Union. 

The M&A deals are one of the core competences of ECP which allows it to be largely involved in promotion and facilitation of investments in cross-border mining, energy and agricultural projects.

Having accumulated substantial experience and solid knowledge over the years of operations in Russia and Hong Kong, the company also provides valuation and business intelligence services as well as due diligence and feasibility analysis. 

Our mission is to broaden and facilitate access to resource projects in Russia and the CIS countries, as well as to create and maintain the balanced relationship between goals and capabilities of our clients. We value the diversified network of professional connections we have established over the years and keep broadening it. 

By combining a high quality team with the ability to take a long-term view, Eurasia Capital Partners delivers superior results to its clients and partners, enabling their mutual growth. 

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